Freedom Woods is home to all different horses and riders with different goals, from Grand Prix horses to trail horses, everyone is welcome here. At our stable, we encourage you and support you doing whatever it is you would like to do.


We offer all newly renovated 10 x 12 and 12 x 12 stalls. Each stall is equipped with automatic waterers and fans. The barn is heated during winter months, and has exhaust fans during hot summers. Staff and managers live on the property to offer your horse around the clock care. 

We offer both basic board and full service. We have different training packages to accommodate each boarder's individual needs. 

Office staff are available during open hours for your everyday needs. 

Board and training package rates: 

Basic Board - $900-950

stall sizes 10x12 and 10x14, 4 days turnout (Tues. - Fri.), daily stall cleaning, 3 feedings, coordinated showing and veterinary programs (actual services to be billed directly). Price varies depending on stall size.

Full Service - $375 per month

include tacking, grooming, bathing, tacking, untacking, tack cleaning, bandaging, etc. 6 days per week

Basic Training Package - $220 per month

4 training rider per month, monthly mane pull, trim ears and muzzle

Training Package Plus - $370 per month

same as basic package with 7 training rides per month

Full Training - $1,000

6 days per week, either training rides or lessons, monthly mane pull, trim ears and muzzle


Training Rides - $50 each

Clip and Mane Pull - $75

Body Clip - $150-175 (prices vary depending on size (pony-horse)

Daily Full Service - $25

Extended Turnout - $75 per month (7 days per week)