Freedom Woods has been family owned for the last twenty two years. We pride ourselves on our commitment and dedication to offering the best care for the horses. 

We are conveniently located just minutes from downtown Chicago and the North Shore. We are located next to the Cook County Forest Preserve, allowing us to offer a country feel in the suburbs. The original structure of the stable was built in the 1930s and in the early 2000s a second barn was built on the property to accommodate the growing therapeutic riding program and the beginner riding program. 

We offer the following amenities:

  • Fully heated 90 stall barn
  • 8 all weather turnouts
  • 1 large outdoor and 2 heated indoor arenas equipped with all new jumps
  • 3 wash racks with hot and cold water
  • Commercial grade washer and dryers
  • Horse Gym tread mill
  • Game Ready Machine
  • Centurion magnetic blanket
  • Adjacent to a sprawling forest preserve trail




The environment is a growing concern all around the world. In recent years we have made many changes to help reduce our carbon footprint. All of the lighting has been changed from fluorescent light bulbs to efficient ecosmart lights. We have developed a new water storage system to reuse rain water to water the arenas. The majority of our horses are bedded on straw instead of shavings to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from the disposal of shavings. Our used straw is then shipped to the mushroom farmer who uses it to grow portobello mushrooms.  

 Recent and Upcoming Improvements: 

- In 2016 we added the Horse Gym Treadmill and Centurion Magnetic Blanket to our collection of different therapies to keep our horses in top condition. 

- In March of 2017, we changed the footing in the main indoor arena. It is a mixture of sand and Athletex by Premiere Equestrian. Athletex is a blend of textile and rubber made from recycled sneakers. This product is resistant to compacting which is important with the amount of foot traffic we have. The product's benefits also include: excellent shock absorption, increased stability, improves and balances moisture retention. In the coming months, we will be replacing the footing in the green barn arena and outdoor with the same product. 

- By mid summer 2017, we will have revamped our outdoor arena and surrounding area. We have already equipped the arena with new jumps. And are in the process of building a patio and garden area that overlooks the arena. We will be taking out the far side of the fence line to the arena and building a concrete brick wall to allow spectators to watch lessons from above. This area will be esthetically pleasing with beautiful greenery. We will also be reviving the area between the green barn and the outdoor arena, creating a nice grazing area for clients to use. 

- By 2020 we will open Freedom Woods North! Freedom Woods North will be located in Pleasant Prairie, WI. At the end of 2015 we finished building two free standing barns on the property. One of the plus's of Freedom Woods is our location, the only downside to that is we lack lush pastures. Freedom Woods North will function both as a retirement facility and a place for some time off as well as our investment program! We have big ideas for this piece of property. Currently, the property consists of 55 acres with a 5,000sq. ft. loft home and two barns. This year we are working on putting up stalls, heat, and water sources in the barns. We have aspirations to build a derby field and pastures. The long term goal is to have a second facility to retire horses, offer our clients weekends in the country, and operate an exclusive investment program.