Nancy Whitehead Clinic

Every winter Nancy Whitehead gives a clinic to in house riders at Freedom Woods. While this clinic is geared towards our show clients and boarders, this year we are offering a clinic at 2'0" to open it up to some of our lesson clients as well. The clinic will be held November 9th and 10th. The clinic consists of groups of eight riders at similar ability levels. These eight riders ride both Saturday and Sunday for two hours, working for approximately an hour on the flat and an hour over fences.  

Nancy Whitehead is an Internationally known trainer who has worked with some of the top trainers and riders such as Laura Kraut and Kent Farrington. I have nicknamed Nancy the horse whisperer because she has this strange sense of knowing what is wrong with both the rider and horse. 

This year at the clinic we are proud to announce that Barrington Saddlery will be on property all weekend with their mobile unit and in our party room for all of your horse needs! In addition we will be debuting our new Freedom Woods apparel, so stock up for next show season!  

This years clinic will consist of four different level groups. The tentative schedule is below: 

7:15- 8am - Course set and complimentary breakfast for riders and auditors

8-9:30am - Group 2 

Isabel Scharf - Amber

Grace Neilson - Mickey 

Anna Katz (Sat only) - Molly

Lulu Zoghlin (Sun only) - Molly

Zoe Thomsen - Bebe

Charlotte Garrett (Sun only) - Sophie

9:30-11:15am - Group 1

MK Daley - Amy

Ardith Huner (Sat only) - Pandora 

Susan Harris - Cece 

Dolly Flisk - Adam

Candida Salchi - Bella

Hannah Nelson - Huey 

11:15am-1pm - Group 3

Lauren Robishaw - Sammy

David Waimon - Smudge 

Alexa Paprosky - Vox

Lindsay Fuhs - Lucy

Hannah Warner- Cuervo

Lesya Bazylewicz - Noelle

1pm- 2:45pm - Group 4

Michael Lenard - Dexter

Sarah Lanphere - McLovin

Katie Hochschild - Sailor

Sarah Kennedy - Pepper

Adeline Rohrbach - Wilma

Ashleen Lee - Rococo

2:45 - 4:15pm - Group 5

Adeline Rohrbach - Dahlia 

Ashleen Lee - Zuzu

For more information about the clinic please call us at (847) 967-9800.