Freida, the School Horse

For those of you who ride at Freedom Woods, you are probably familiar with Freida a veteran school horse. Freida was originally purchased by the stable in 2003. At the time she was the fastest Child/Adult jumper in the mid west. For years running, she was champion in Zone 5. The Child/Adult jumpers are a 3'6" division. These horses must jump clean within a certain time in the first round. Those who are clean go to a second round where they must jump clean in the fastest time possible. Being champion of Zone 5, means out of Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio she was ranked first.  

Freida's first few years at Freedom Woods she continued to show in the 3'6" jumpers with both myself, and Dr. Lee. After a few years she had an injury that required minor surgery and some time off. Since coming back from her surgery Freida could no longer jump and began teaching flat lessons to Freedom Woods clients. She is a wonderful, sweet mare who now enjoys going slow and teaching beginner riders the ropes.  

Some fun facts about Freida:

1.) Freida is a Dutch Warmblood/Holsteiner mare 

2.) Her great grandfather is one of the most famous horses, his name was Joost

3.) She loves red twizzlers!