Maryland has been apart of the Freedom Woods family for 2 years. Since she has been at our barn she has helped children build confidence on the flat from new riders to kids who are learning to canter. In Maryland's younger days, she showed competitevly in the medium pony division at horse shows. Today at Freedom Woods, she helps students in the lesson program and also plays a very active role in the hippo therapy program. Maryland is best at helping young, beginner children. She is very calm and helps kids build confidence. This summer Maryland will take part in our summer camp. If you are signed up for our camp sessions and you are the right size and fit there is a chance you could ride Maryland this summer!

Maryland lives in between Princess and Little Debbie. It is very often that the students might get Princess and Maryland confused because they are the same color and they live right next door to each other. Maryland's golden color is called a Palomino. Maryland is also a similar height to Princess, standing at 13.1 hands tall. Since both Maryland and Princess are short they make the perfect pair with kids!  

Fun Facts about Maryland:

  • Maryland wears Pastern back boots because when she trots she kicks her back feet together. The boots protect her legs.
  • Maryland loves to Canter! 
  • Just like people, Maryland has seasonal allergies. When the weather changes, Maryland needs some time to adjust to the climate. She has special eye drops to keep her feeling better during these changes.
  • Maryland wears a rubber bit. The rubber bit is really soft on her mouth while riding. Maryland is not strong by any means so she does not require a metal bit. She also has protective rubber rings on the side of her mouth so the bit doesn't pinch her cheeks!