Princess, The School Pony

Princess came to Freedom Woods back in 1997. Originally Princess was Russell Lee's childhood pony. Princess was a show pony and her show name was 'Picture Perfect.  She took Russell from being a novice rider to his first horse shows and taught him how to care for a pony of his very own. Princess has always been a bit of a sassy pony. She is now in her mid twenties and has taught many children in the beginning stages of their riding. She no longer jumps and only teaches beginner riders. 

One of my most vivid childhood memories of Princess was when Alex, Russell, and I decided to go for a trail ride. The three of us were always goofing around and causing trouble. We were all getting on our ponies and standing by the trail gates when Russell decided to stand up onto of Princess's back. All of a sudden, something spooked Princess and she went cantering down the trail and Russell ended up cartwheeling off of her (he was unharmed.) Alex and I went cantering off down the trail to catch Princess before our parents found out what we were doing. Luckily we all made it back safely and we didn't get in trouble. 

Princess has been a part of our family for almost as long as we have owned the barn. Her and Alex are very close and he claims he has her on 'Princess mind control'. She has been and is a large part of our family and Freedom Woods. We hope she continues to train many small children for many years to come.