Simply Simon

Simon has been a large part of the Freedom Woods schooling program since 1996. Back in his hay day, Simon used to jump 2'6" courses and teach more advance riders in the program. Now, eighteen years later at the age of twenty-four Simon is everyones favorite school pony. 

Simon stands at 14.2 hands high and is a quarter pony cross. He originally came to Freedom Woods through a man named Fred, who buys and sells many horses and thought Simon would fit in nicely at our stable. He was six years old when he came to us, and was just as docile and good natured as he is now. However he did have a little more spunk to him.

In 2002, Simon made his first and only appearance at an off grounds, rated horse show. A young girl at the time brought him to an 'A' rated horse show in Oconomowoc, WI. Simon had not left Freedom Woods in six years and was overwhelmed when he arrived. He had to be shown in six under saddle classes until he was quiet and comfortable enough to carry the novice child. (Under saddle classes are classes where you are judged at the walk, trot, and canter.) The girl ended up placing 2nd at her very first show and it was a huge success! Afterwards, it was decided that the show scene was too stressful for Mr. Simon and he was much happier being a homebody. 

Simon has been and is a very important part of Freedom Woods. He has taught everything from intermediate jumping to therapeutic riding. Simon has taught hundreds, if not thousands of children how to ride. He has been and is an irreplaceable component to the Freedom Woods team. 

Some fun facts about Simon: 

  • He is a cribber. When horses crib, they wrap their teeth around woods or other solid objects and suck in air. In doing so, they make a funny burping noise. In the past, people thought cribbing caused health issues. That turned out to be a myth and it mainly just releases endorphins and is a bad habit. Horses generally learn to crib after living near another horse who cribs. 
  • He is a righty! 
  • His best friend is Princess and they enjoy being turned out together. Apparently, opposites do attract!