Little Debbie

Little Debbie has belonged to the Freedom Woods family for about 4 and a half years, and came to us when she was seven. She was originally named Little Debbie after the hostess snack given her full figure. She has a bold personality and bold markings. Little Debbie is a medium sized, Welsh pony. She is a unique color paint known as a tricolor because she has black, brown, and white. Paints can have markings that are any shape or size, and they can be located virtually anywhere on their body. That characteristic makes each paint horse one-of-a-kind.

Little Debbie is a good fit for kids of all levels. She participates in the equitherapy program and in the lesson program. In the lesson program, she teaches children who are just learning to ride to kids who are learning how to jump. Lessons provide Debbie the exercise she needs to stay fit because she has a very slow metabolism. 

A few years ago, Little Debbie went on vacation. She had an injury out playing one day that required her to have time off to recuperate. After the vet diagnosed Little Debbie, the best thing we could do for her was let her rest out in a field. For Little Debbie, it was like being on vacation because she got to hang out in a big grass field all day grazing in the sun. When Debbie was all healed she came back to Freedom Woods to finish rehabbing before entering back into the school program.

Little Debbie is an integral part to our barn. She is docile and kind which helps beginner children feel safe. She also loves to jump, you can see her little ears perk up when she trots and canters down to the fences. We are very pleased to have such a wonderful pony who loves her job! Debbie is with us for the long haul! She has a vey bright future ahead of her at Freedom Woods followed by a wonderful retirement at our Wisconsin location when she is done.    

Fun Facts about Little Debbie:

  • She loves face rubs and kisses!
  • She gets turned out daily to run and play indoors and outdoors (weather permitting). Little Debbie loves to roll when she is in turn out!
  • Because of her wide structure, she wears a non-slip pad underneath her saddle to help prevent it from sliding while children are riding her. 
  • Her best friend to be turned out with is Remmie!